How to light a candle for your guardian angel

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  • Lighting up your guardian angel is always good, so don’t let any demand weaken you.

    Whether or not you light a candle for your angel, he will always be by your side protecting you.

    The act of lighting the angel is one more link so that any negative spiritual “eventuality” that comes to you, the candle flame has this power to pull and cut. That’s why things often happen with the candle that seem a little unexplained. But here we go.

    When you go to light your angel, be clean body, take a herbal bath preferably, wear light clothes and light , if you can, in a quiet place so you can say your prayers calmly.

    Put the candle on a saucer or buy those candle cups at religious articles stores, it’s good to avoid accidents.

    Place the candle and the glass of water in a high place, preferably above your head.
    Do not light it on top of appliances or in the bathroom. If you are single, you can light it up in your room. If you have a partner, light it in another room in the house.

    Light the candle, say a heartfelt prayer to your angel. Remember, he is always with you. He is the friendliest, most intimate spirit you can have, so you will be talking to a friend.

    Thanks for everything and place your orders.

    Let the candle burn until the end, when it’s over you can throw the water in the glass away in running water, wash and use the glass normally afterwards and what’s left of the candle can be thrown in the trash.

    May your angel bring you many blessings and positive energies.

    TIP: Be sure to also read the Meaning of Candle Colors.



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