Is God no longer necessary in today’s Christianity?

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  • In a conversation with some friends of different religions and beliefs, one topic caught my attention more than the others.

    Context: After seeing a text that looked more like a product advertisement (and it was, because it was trying to sell an e-book to young Christians), one of the people in the group said:

    Nothing much, just a generic, partially nonsensical text with quotes from the 80s published solely for commercial and lead capture purposes.

    It was things like this that destroyed the faith, and that’s exactly why the original gospel is gone.
    The myth of the Christian god is now just another tale used by the ancients to try to control people through fear. A fear that no longer exists, as the great religious leaders of today proved that divine punishment never existed, the vengeful god was just a legend.

    It’s sad to see that Christianity has become this, and that explains the great growth of atheism.

    The problem here (in relation to the growth of atheism) is not the existence or not of a greater deity, but the fall of Christianity, which has corrupted itself to the point of breaking its own rules and thus losing the power of conviction about his sheep.

    Do you agree that it has always been preached: God is love, but also consuming fire?….

    Now love is over and the greatest leaders of Christianity in Brazil commit all kinds of sin and injustice and are never punished…
    Soon, the entire Christian base fell apart and their beliefs and doctrines no longer enchant…

    Then came questions that cannot be answered and no one else falls for the conversation that everything has its time, and everything that cannot be explained is a divine mystery…

    The great leaders took upon themselves the power of their former god: They (the great leaders) heal, they deliver, they bring misery and prosperity, they even work miracles that were once attributed to God alone…

    So the Christian God is no longer needed in Christianity today.



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